Planning of a school can be challenging task When you decide to open a school, you need to make sure that decision is based on sound data and that you have a reasonable understanding of the costs and strategies needed to successfully open your school. Our educational consultant creates your vision and mission statement, with guiding core values and educational philosophy for your school.You need to plan your fundraising campaign carefully. Develop your capital campaign and case statement methodically and then implement systematically. You should develop a Pre-Campaign Capacity Study to determine:

  1. Business structuring
  2. Feasibility report & Project plan
  3. Financial model
  4. Finance structuring and options


Whether a school starts in a small-scale, modest, temporary setting or large-scale, ambitious, purpose-built premises, the number and range of questions to be answered can easily feel overwhelming, and success will depend on effective planning, project management, appropriate building design and adaptation, and optimization of facilities. For a new school, getting off to a good start is essential: adapting or building appropriate premises;

  1. Curriculum plan & design
  2. Annual calendar / activity charts / events
  3. Setting up of School
  4. Learning environments
  5. Class decor and resources
  6. Library
  7. Types of Laboratories
  8. Technology aids
  9. Sports & performing arts program
  10. Area statement

Dolphin group provides all services under one roof. We draw upon the expertise of our consultancy team, who are experienced and have a sound knowledge of their respective specialisations and experts guide you in various tasks like planning the infrastructure, getting the documentation work done within the deadlines. We also help you develop the curriculum, recruit the staff and set up the promotion campaigns for your school. You can contact us for developing the guidelines for the school administration and also to design, construction and implement the academic plans.

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