With lots of love to dolphin kids school. Yashashwi will miss everyone Rakhi mam, Jaya mam, Brinda mam, Sanjita mam. Especially Kanika mam. She learnt how to make her life in disciplinary way. She will miss you, everybody.

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I thank you for bridging the gap from home to formal schools. All praises for being so humane to take care of these small kids.

Wishing you all the best and heartiest thanks from his mummy, daddy.

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Dolphin Kids School

Dolphin Kids provides a warm and loving environment which encourage development and intellectual growth.

We believe that children feel more secure when given realistic limits and freedom to grow. We're following the guidelines of N. A. E. Y. C (National Association for Education of Young Children, USA).

Mission Statement:

  • To nurture young minds in a culturally appropriate environment and provide opportunities that will help them realize their true potential. We at Dolphin Kids provide a perfect blend of International standard education in an Indian way.

Vision Statement:

  • We want to energize, enable and enhance childhood by fostering growth of mind, body & spirit. This will lead them to become lifelong learners.


  • Our philosophy is to provide each child with a culturally appropriate environment, value, love and protection needed to grow healthily in body, mind and spirit. Our stimulating environment and a specifically based curriculum nurture the roots and lay the foundation to help every child achieve success in all phases of life.

Goals & Objectives:

  1. Learn naturally
    Dolphin Kids is dedicated in ensuring that the child is provided an environment that is most conducive to catalyze the child's physical, cerebral, emotional and social development.

  2. Education for everyone
    Dolphin Kids has emphasized on kids education of international standards at an affordable costs.

  3. Global Culture
    We believe in Dolphin Kids, that all individual children of different backgrounds globally are capable of acquiring quality education.

  4. FLYING high with sense of roots
    We at dolphin kids provide a perfect blend of international standards education in Indian way.

  5. Systematically Developed Infrastructure
    We want to inculcate the prepared environment creates an atmosphere that enables the child to be free to learn through his own activity in peaceful and orderly surroundings adapted to the child's size and interests. We provide materials which are set out in an orderly manner, enabling each child to locate desired activities easily, helping a child to gain a sense of security.

  6. Century Dolphin
    We want to launch over 100 branches all over India. We will give well framed system, techniques to launch a franchise. Our main concentration of automatic system is to perform & to transform responsibility & accountability. We want to provide a franchisee at an affordable cost & with good returns on capital invested.

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